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When I was 17 I heard the Vienna Philharmonic play at a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London under Karl Böhm. I got a ticket in the cheap seats that happened to be almost on the stage behind the orchestra. It was the best place to sit, hear, and also see everything. First half, Beethoven 4th Symphony, perfect, 2 horns. 2nd half of the concert Beethoven Eroica with double winds - 6 horns. I was literally blown away by everything and sad that it had been such a short concert. There was much applause and I lived in hope that there would be an encore, maybe a customary Strauss Waltz? Then a real suprise, another at least 20 players came out on stage and after they have made themslves comfortable we were treated to Wagner's Meistersinger Overture. I was speechless for days but had decided at that concert that I wanted to play just like that if I could. It was the beginning of a very interesting and complicated journey!
Anthony G Morris
I was taught therefore I teach.

Well, if you have made it to this page, you might as well read a little further and see if I can help.

Maybe I can tell you what I have learnt from this ongoing pandemic (for example the fact that some people don't know that they can manage with newspaper when toilet tissue runs a bit short) but also what I have learnt from having had possibly the best teachers of the horn.

One learns to play in a manner from the school of playing where one studies. I was lucky enough to have four of them and learnt certain strengths and weaknesses from all of them.

Too many young (and older) horn players spend time today listening to other horn players doing odd things online. Recording their playing and publishing sometimes bizarre recordings online. Other people listen to these things and think that they are representative of what horn playing is about.

The list of misconceptions is very long.

For example:
1. It is almost almost impossible to record and reproduce a horn accurately, I know, I have developed recording equipment. Do you like the sound of a horn or the sound of a recording of a horn?

2. The sound you make where you are sitting does something to an acoustic that is then all together experienced by a listener. Bear in mind that what you hear is not what they are going to hear. Learning to play an acoustic is what good players do. The horn is a resonator.

… the list goes on…

Horn playing is an art, magic, a pleasure, all of many things but to me, primarily, it is and was a profession. Learning to play is one thing but learning to play the right notes in the right place at the right time in the right intonation is pretty useful. Transposition needs study and it is part of the job.

Getting a job playing is harder in some places than in others. These are all things one can discuss.

I like teaching enthusiastic relaxed interested individuals of all ages. I do this via Facetime, Zoom and reluctantly Skype. An introductory chat is free if I have time and I will tell you if I can't help. If I know someone who can help you better than I can, I'll tell you about that also.

If you have a problem at college, have an audition or an exam to pass, I can probably be of assistance.

Just write to me telling me about yourself and we can talk?


Below is the list of some of my actual teachers and their teachers. Homework1: Look them all up on wikipedia or google (apart from me of course) :-)
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