Anthony Gustav Morris

Anthony G Morris - Composer - Author - and so on.

Lola works as a revered high-class one-legged escort in London. She happens across Brian whom she, in his moment of greatest need, rescues and assists on a journey to rehabilitation. Whilst in hospital it becomes clear that not all who walk the corridors of this establishment of healing are angels of mercy. The hospital porter is a technical genius who has found a comfortable job where he can exploit his victims in the digital domain. Lola becomes entangled with one of the consultants and becomes dependent on misappropriated substances. The loyalty and affection of a long-time client, the architect Sir Hubert Bosworth helps Lola to recovery. He also discovers that all is not what it seems at the hospital. What happens next shocks the investigative team from GCHQ who examine matters in-depth. They find a criminal infrastructure so complex and powerful that it could bring down a government.
Anthony G Morris
  • Format Paperback | 372 pages
  • Dimensions 108 x 178 x 20mm | 272g
  • Publication date 20 Apr 2020
Publisher agm digital arts GmbH
  • Language English
  • ISBN10 3982191106
  • ISBN13 9783982191102

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